Sunday, October 26, 2008

New helmet finished.

I just finished this new helmet for Michael Di Meo. Michael is a loyal returning customer, this new lid is a modification of his old design I painted a few years ago. Best of luck next season Michael!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag's special helmet brings special money to Children's hospital.

Alex Tagliani is sporting a specially designed Conrad Jupiters themed helmet at this weekend’s Nikon Indy 300.

However, the helmet won’t be his to keep at the end of the weekend as Tagliani auctioned it off at last night’s Indy Gala Ball in order to raise money for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Children’s Ward.
The helmet went for $25 000. The design, which is based on Conrad Jupiters’ casino, stemmed from a couple of ideas and was created by the people at, a motorsport artist based in Montreal . “I first wanted to come up with a new design for my helmet for the race at Surfers Paradise. At the same time, I wanted to do something for the people at Conrad Jupiter because they have always been so nice to me each time that I have stayed there for this race. “Once we came up with the concept, we finally decided that we would auction it off in order to raise money for a local charity,” explained Tagliani who has a long history of being involved with charities, such as the Tide@Wal-Mart Victory Lap charity program in his native Canada.

The helmet, painted by Patrice Harvey of Smart Race Paint, features casino themed imagery such as slot machines, casino chips and a roulette table on the sides.
The back of the helmet has Conrad Jupiter’s slogan, ‘What will you get up to?’ as well as four aces with the name Bronte on one and Tagliani on another. “I wanted Bronte’s name on the cards because I hit the jackpot when I met her!” admitted Tagliani, who met his wife Bronte at Surfers Paradise in 2001. The Nikon Indy 300 continues this afternoon with qualifying. The race goes green tomorrow and can be seen live on ESPN Classic Saturday, October 25 at 10:30 pm eastern time.
The race will also be rebroadcast on ESPN Sunday, October 26 at 11:00 pm eastern.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cosmic Motors.

This has to be one of my favorite. The artist is Daniel Simon and his vision for future vehicles is simply stunning. Have a look at his website to understand what I mean.

New website coming soon.

I will have a new website coming soon. New design, new features it will be completely different and have more information to all your questions Check it soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

At least, here's some good news.

Read this article: are they going to put some sense in Bernie? Or will the Bernie syndrome will have killed the Canadian GP? Still hoping to be back on Ile-Sainte-Helene next summer drinking beers with my buddy Wayne.

Polls are off again!!

71% of you voted that Ferrari should get rid of their electronic pit exit controller. What will they do next?

Special project.

I've been helping a friend recently, we built a sign for a local business and I did the painting of it. It has been quite an experience to do this project. First of all: that thing weigh in at around 60 pound (a bit heavier than a helmet!!) so it was hard to move around the shop. Second thing it was my first time painting particle wood. We had to use products I do not normally use on helmets. It was fun though and I will post photos of the finished thing soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canadian GP dropped from schedule.

I can't believe it, he strikes again! Bernie Ecclestone is doing it again, menacing to remove the Canadian GP from the F1 schedule. They did it about 5 times in the past and have always come back. Truth is, the Canadian GP is a good thing for F1 and it's major players. It's a good venue for racing, the stands are always packed and they give, year after year the best TV ratings in Europe. Right now there are negotiations to bring back F1 in the United-States and Bernie, as always, is trying to bluff. Yes, it's expensive to move everyone in North America for only one race and yes, it would make sense to have two races on North American soil to save a few bucks but, I do not believe that. They go in Australia and Brazil year after year without ever mentioning the transport costs. I believe Bernie is trying to get as much money as possible by threatening the Canadian GP organisation and the Canadian Government. He knows that he need Montreal on his calendar and he knows the teams and sponsors want to come back. By announcing the removal of the Canadian race from the schedule he forces everyone (including possible US GP promoter) to beg him for a race. I say: "F$*@ you Bernie!" F@#& you Formula One!" See you next summer in Montreal sucker! And I say, it's about time someone in Montreal start building a proper oval track for NASCAR to come here. Anyone listening in Now-Dead-Montreal-City?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is here! God dam'it!

Took a break from painting this week-end to close the swimming pool and get the summer stuff inside for the winter. There was frost on the ground this morning and I started the heater in the paint shop. Just clear coated a helmet and the clear takes longer to dry and harden. Yep! It's all downhill from here. I will let you know when the snow will cover the place.