Sunday, October 26, 2008

New helmet finished.

I just finished this new helmet for Michael Di Meo. Michael is a loyal returning customer, this new lid is a modification of his old design I painted a few years ago. Best of luck next season Michael!!


Lasse Mehtola said...

Nice design and painting!

Hope all fine? Any snow yet?

Kind Greetings from Sweden

Pat said...

Thanks Lasse, no snow yet but it is coming. Thanks for the nice comments on the helmet.
Say hi to Santa Claus, I heard he is from Sweden (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Tyler said...

damn, that is one fine looking helmet. i don't think i have seen anything like it, which is good. you continue to impress.


Pat said...

Thanks Tyler! Just doing my work but, I had fun to paint that one.

Vagner said...

Olá sou da Vagner Art aqui no Brasil, e acho o seu trabalho simplesmente fantástico e tenho ele como referencia em minhas pinturas.