Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bruno Spengler's 2010 helmet - finished.

Earlier last week I showed you the bare shell for Bruno's 2010 race helmets. They are now finished and here is the finished product. Both helmets are exactly the same, they are finished with a matte clear coat and all logos are painted. You can follow Bruno's season in DTM at http://www.brunospengler.com/.


picturesfromachicken said...

Just Amazing Pat!!

Anonymous said...

How does the fit and finish of a Schuberth appear to compare to all the Bells and Arais you have been working on/with for the last several years?

jules said...

Well done! Very nice and i do see the few small "additions" this year!

Pat said...

Thank you for the nice comment everyone.
Anonymous: Unfortunately I can't compare the fit and finish of the Schuberth as they sent me only the outer shell in a bare carbon. The only thing I can say is that the shell is extremely light, lighter than a BELL HP3.

jules said...

Hi Pat,

Will this be considered a MATT finish?

Takes a while to get use to it....but maybe its me! Will cleaning care for such finish be different?


Pat said...

jules: yes it is matte. Of course, Bruno racing in DTM makes the whole notion of cleaning a helmet way easier :) But, it is not harder to keep clean than a shiny one.