Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 - A new chapter in Alex Tagliani's career.

Alex and I have been working together for the last 4 seasons, 4 seasons of ups and downs but, mostly downs. Through all these years I kept keeping fate in the guy, I knew he was up for something bigger...better.

January 14th, 2010, Montreal, Canada. The International Auto Show is an unusual venue to announce the birth of an IndyCar team. One could think that Indianapolis or Miami or LA would be better suited for the spectacular event surrounding this announcement but, no! The place is perfect if you consider from where the creators are. The FAZZT Race Team is now the only IndyCar team owned by a Canadian, a Montrealer to be exact and it is not a coincidence that the driver of the number 77 car also comes from the Montreal region. Both Andre Azzi and Alex Tagliani knew that the task ahead would be of gigantic proportions and they found the perfect guy to do the job; Jim Freudenberg. The FAZZT Race Team is now alive and well, having done their first shakedown in Homestead Miami on January 7th. The job was completed at an incredible pace, just think about it: they announce their intentions of racing in 2010 only on August 28th 2009. Already, the team has a headquarter in Indy, an office in Montreal and a complete team of engineers, mechanics and office personnel to compete in IndyCar. Kudos to everyone at FAZZT Race Team for the amazing work! I was there to witness the launch, I was impressed and I am proud of being part of it, good luck everyone. You can follow FAZZT at

I will be producing 5 different helmets for Alex in 2010, keep an eye on this blog for the scoop on those lids. Here's the first one and photos from the launch.


Alex Tagliani said...

Thanks Pat for the lid, you rock what an artist you will never stop impressing me. I really appreciate your Work and i can't wait for the Next one already.

Alex Tagliani said...

Hey Pat i am leaving for Sebring tomorrow, so i will try to get you some photo of the private test, take car buddy, thanks again for coming i really appreciate it means a lot to me. Tag

JCB said...

Beau travail, Patrice. A bientôt.